Welcome to the world's first web site for anal bleachers! This site is designed to help others who want to enter the world of anal and vaginal lightening.

First, let's have a brief explanation of just what is anal bleaching or anal lightening. Simply, anal bleaching is a new trend in beauty where the skin around the anus is lightened to blend better with the rest of the skin around that area. This technique can be used on the vagina and surrounding genital areas as well. It began primarily with adult film stars, dancers and women who had embarrassing pigment changes due to hormonal fluctuations generally associated with pregnancy. Now, both men and women from all walks of life are using skin lightening creams for anal bleaching to enhance their most private parts.

Now, let's discuss the anal bleaching products themselves. There are many general skin lightening products on the market. But be warned, most of these are not made for using on the anus or genitals and can cause severe burning and other nasty side effects. You should never use products with chemicals such as Hydroquinone or Kojic Acid for anal bleaching. Make sure anything you use is all natural and has no side effects.

The company that invented this type of product is South Beach Skin Solutions. They are the original inventors of the all natural take home product that has now become world famous. Their products do not contain any hydroquinone, kojic acid or other harsh chemicals that can burn, irritate or cause side effects. Since launching five years ago, there have been many imitators. But South Beach Skin Solutions is trusted by more than 1000 salons, spas, pharmacies and doctors around the world.

Which product would you trust? The one trusted by professionals, or cheap novelty products trying to cash in on a trend? So support the people who invented this product and is proven to be safe and effective.

South Beach Skin Solutions


South Beach Skin Solutions - The only 100% safe, natural and gentle product specifically formulated for use on the sensitive skin of the anus and vagina.

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